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You probably think I am going to say “to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la”. While it is that time of year, I am not talking about that at this time. What I am talking about is it is the season when politicians and political parties get very “religious” and we seem to fall prey to it every four years also.
I remember during my first year here and it was Bush vs Kerry and how the political parties would call and ask us to do a voter registration drive campaign and how much the parties needed us to be involved in the voting process (which I agree, we do need to be involved). But as soon as Election Day was over, so was any concern for religious organizations. That is until 2008 rolled around and it was Obama vs McCain, then it was time for us religious organizations to be called upon to “do our part” and be involved in the great democratic process of electing our next President of the United States.
Now it wasn’t only the political parties, it was also the politicians. My how “religious they get from November of the year before the election, until the day after the election. Once again, sadly we fall prey to this tactic too of “look how religious I am” or “look at the big church I attended on Sunday to worship with the common folk”. Shame on us for playing this game and not listening to God and following His Word on electing our leaders. Before you accuse me of judging, I am not, but I am a fruit inspector and the Word of God says in Matthew 7:20 “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” Folks, let me remind you that God told the children of Israel that they did not want a king like the other nations had and He even laid out everything that a king like that would do to them. After hearing all that this king would do and take from them and also hearing God say, I have a king planned for you, but it is not time for Him to sit on that throne yet, they still said “GIVE US A KING”. And because of non obedience and wanting to be like everyone else, God in His permissive will gave them King Saul, and you know the rest of the story. You can find this in 1 Samuel 8.
So instead of falling prey to “this time of the season in politics”, may I suggest that we as Baptist, who say we stand firm on The Book and nothing but the Book (which we should), stop letting the media or anyone else decide for us who we will vote for. If we are going to see America return to God, it will not be done under pagan leadership and it will not be done if born again believers keep electing men and women who only regard God during the election process in order to get your vote. It should not ever be based on a political party; we should take what a candidate is running on and give it the Word of God test. If it doesn’t line up with God’s standard, then move to the next one and do the same thing. I don’t vote a political party, I vote for those who pass the test of God’s Word.
By the way, when the political parties called us in 2008 to do another voter registration drive, I told them NO and they were shocked. I told them I do not appreciate them only calling on us once every four years and then “forgetting” about us until “TIS THE SEASON…..”
God help us get back to His Word and His ways.