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Well the first thing I did was actually go and make sure this was a word, because I do have the tendency to make up some words every now and then.  Being from Alabama and spending my summers in the country, I learned that trick.

      Busyness is a word and it simply means “the quality or condition of being busy; lively but meaningless activity.”  I tend to find myself in this condition sometimes, after all most people don’t want to leave the impression that they are lazy.

     When I went home a few weeks ago, it was a busy time and it seemed a lot of people were busy.  After all it had been 30 years since I saw 99.7 % of the people I graduated high school with and all of us had gone on to college, careers and family life.  Not only was there the High School reunion, but my brother was getting married and I was officiating the ceremony for them and that too gave me a chance to see relatives I had not seen in 30 years.  Then there were other people and places to try and see in just the few days Kathy and I were there.  At some point I realized that you can’t catch up on 30 years in a few days and you certainly can’t do it in 4 hours at a reunion.  Sadly I went away from the reunion not being able to talk to everyone there and also not realizing some were there, because I simply didn’t recognize them and they didn’t recognize me.  But, I also went away from the reunion rejoicing for being able to re-connect with so many and hearing some wonderful testimonies from them and what God is doing in their lives and the journeys they had been on and are still on.  I literally had tears of joy in the car driving back to my dad’s that night.

    Back to busyness now, I find that in the Christian life this can “activity” can consume us if we are not careful.  Better yet, this can consume me it I am not careful.  Remember there is a difference in busy and busyness.  Life can keep us busy, but we can control busyness.  So I need to take the time to ask myself is what I am doing “lively but meaningless” or is what I am doing bringing glory and honor to the Lord.  We are told in 1 Corinthians 10:31 “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God

      So let us not go about with busyness, rather let us do those things God has called us to do for His kingdom.  It is ok to say NO sometimes, even when the flesh says “they might think you are lazy” if you don’t do it.  We all must take the time and the effort to do what God says to us and do it not for busyness sake, but do it because we love Him and are grateful He has chosen us and work with Him.

     I don’t want to have “the quality or condition of being busy”, if I am busy; I want it to be busy in the work of the Lord for the good of His Kingdom.  So the question for us is “Am I doing this so people will see me as busy (busyness)” or “Am I doing this because I love doing it for the Lord and I don’t care if no one ever sees me doing it and I don’t care if I ever get any recognition”.  Busyness does not equal godliness.

     Should we be busy, yes; in doing the Lord’s work.  Should we be so busy it takes away from prayer time, bible reading and fellowshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ?  NO.  God help me and prevent me from appearing too busy!  I never want to be “too busy” to help others and shepherd my church.  Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint.