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When God Breaks Through

This past Sunday morning there were quite a few prayer requests for those of our church family going through very serious medical issues and also for church member’s families. There were also requests for just family issues that many families are going through. At the end of service I prayed with a member of the church that was in some physical pain and then learned of member’s mom who spent last Wed and part of Thanksgiving in the hospital from a fall she took.

At that point God confirmed to me to not preach the sermon that night, but instead pray. I just assumed it was to be prayer for the sick since I had so many come and request prayer for that issue. So when the members arrived that night and we sang our songs, I then informed them we were going to have a prayer meeting instead of a sermon. When someone spoke a prayer, praise or testimony, we immediately prayed over them.

It was amazing to see what God did. He took the very first praise and someone’s love for the song Jesus Loves Me and wrapped the whole service into that. As people begin to speak and ask the church to pray with them, it all came back to the fact that God Loves Us All. The climax of the evening was when God laid it on the heart of one member to speak up that she feels God calling our church into an addiction support ministry to help those dealing with alcohol and drugs, while at the same time offering support for the homeless and hurting. It was such a GOD moment; I got those Holy Ghost bumps all over me. Others immediately spoke up proclaiming how it was God who brought them out of alcohol or drug use, it was incredible. The Holy Spirit really moved in the service last night and what God has laid before us is 100% God-sized HUGE. But, He has brought us to it and He will see us through it. Like I said, the service started with a praise and love of Jesus Loves Me and God took that and brought it back to us with because He loves us, we are to love others. I AM STILL IN AWE OF THE SERVICE LAST NIGHT (Couldn’t go to sleep last night)

We ended the service in agreement that all of us are going to let the Holy Spirit have freedom in our lives and in our worship services. We are going to be prayed up and cleaned up (spiritually) every time we come to worship.

I am asking you all to pray now for the doors (and facilities) to open up for us to begin this ministry. We have not been down this road and I will be asking all of you to help us in this ministry as we learn and grow. I see a facility to provide a place to sleep and shower and have a hot meal. I see God leading someone to run this facility full time. I see God using this ministry to rescue many for drugs, alcohol, prostitution, and other addictions. I am already reaching out to other churches that are doing this ministry in some way for guidance and so we don’t re-invent the wheel.

Please join with us in the fulfillment of this vision

Pray with us, this is defiantly a “Let go and Let God” moment in our church

In His Love
Pastor Greg