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A Word of Thanks

If I haven’t said this before, or enough, let me say THANK YOU to all those in my church family that volunteer their time to make things happen and allow us to be the church and not just “do” church.  THANK YOU ALL.

I know sometimes I can be quite demanding in areas that I want us to pursue and be successful in and sometimes it seems you are “always at the church”.  Trust me, my desire is not for you to always be “doing” something, my real desire is for you to be growing in your spiritual maturity so that others will see Jesus in you.  Without you our ministries would fall flat and die out.

I am thankful that our volunteers range from those who have retired for the work force to those who work an eight hour day.  All of you are important to our mission of ministry beyond the four walls of our church building.  This is why it is so important to have all the members of the body working together in their ministry so that the body is healthy and strong.  You are giving your time, energy, resources and value to our church.  Sometimes I forget to say THANK YOU and for that, I apologize.  You are very important to the team and the work of the church.

As we move forward into the future, I will be looking to you all for insight and vision casting so that we can be everything God has called us to be.  My prayer is that we will all remember that we are church members (keep reviewing the book we just discussed) and sometimes it might not be your idea that is put into action.  Sometimes it may not be the “way” you would have done it, but the bigger picture of bringing others to Christ should always be our driving force and definitely our mission.

I will leave you with this.  I believe one of these should be our vision / mission for First Baptist Church Atlantic Beach

  • Joining ourselves to the community to be one body full of JOY
  • Drawing the community to the cross with compassion and caring
  • Living the Christ Life outside the 4 walls and in our community


Once again let me say THANK YOU to all who volunteer, thus helping us “Be The Church”