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Drinking From My Saucer

David said “Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.” (Psalm 23:5)

I tell my church many times (because it is true), that I enjoy drinking from the saucer.  I “learned” this by watching my granddaddy do this every morning during my summer stays with them in the country.  My granddad was a construction man, and I mean a true construction man, back in the days of none pneumatic nail guns and the likes.  He left the house before daybreak and retuned around sunset on most days.  There was the occasional “early” days, but that was so he could do one of his favorite things, take me and grandmother fishing.

I would rise up early in the morning (around 4:30 AM) and watch my granddad sit at the breakfast table, my grandmother had been up for a good hour already.  She had prepared him a grand breakfast, eggs, bacon or sausage, grits, milk gravy, biscuits, and coffee (percolated not auto-dripped).  To add to this there was all the fixings to go along with it of honey and preserves.  This went on Monday – Friday every week I was there (and even when I wasn’t).  I always noticed that my grandmother would fill my granddad’s coffee up to the brim and I mean the brim.  Then my granddad would add his cream and sugar (sometimes he drank it black).  As he stirred his coffee it would spill over the side and go into the saucer, which I thought at the time was granddaddy just being silly (to make me giggle) and making a mess.  But morning after morning grandmother filled that coffee cup to the brim and morning after morning granddaddy “spilled” it into the saucer.

So I watched and ate with him all those morning never realizing until later in life I was watching love in action.  Love of a wife for her husband and a husband for his wife.  My granddad never told my grandmother to “stop filling my cup so high, because it spills out”, every morning he was happy to receive it.  Never once did my grandmother to him to stop “spilling” his coffee into the saucer, she knew it would not go to waste.  My grandparents weren’t perfect (except in my eyes), but they did love each other.  The last thing my granddad did before getting up from the table was to take that saucer with all the “spillage” in it and drink it and smile his big granddaddy smile at us.  I of course would smile real big back because I thought it was neat that he did that.

I have come to realize in my life that is how God desires me to live and enjoy His blessings on my life.  He desires every day to fill my cup to the brim and even “spill” things over into my saucer.  He smiles as I smile as I have learned to drink from my saucer that He has provided.  My heavenly Father loves me and every day invites me to His table for the best meals to enjoy.  This is why my grandmother rose up early in the morning to prepare a big breakfast for my granddad.  She knew he needed the nourishment to work hard that day.  Sure granddaddy could have stayed in bed and just had a biscuit or two as he drove to work (like we do today), but he knew that his meal awaited him at the table and it was a meal of love.  So he too rose early to eat and then drink from his saucer.  I doubt he knew the lesson he was teaching me, but I treasure that lesson.

Yesterday (Sunday November 16, 2014) was one of those days for me.  My church fed me more spiritual food (and even physical food) than you can imagine.  The love they poured into my cup (and my wife’s cup) was to the brim and then some.  It truly “spilled” into my saucer.  Just as my grandparents weren’t perfect, neither and I, but my church loves me and I love them.  They so encouraged me yesterday that all I could do (and am still doing) was smile and cry.  Love in action was stirred and the love flowed into my saucer, and I drank it up.

So let me encourage you all to rise up early and come to the table that God has prepared for you.  Eat and drink His love and goodness and before you leave the table, pick up that saucer and drink from the bountiful blessings that God has provided above and beyond that you even expected.  Oh and don’t forget to smile real big, because God is smiling at you.  My cup runneth over, and for that I am truly grateful.