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The Simple Things

It really is the simple things that bring me the greatest joy. I don’t need a big house, fancy cars, designer suits or any of those things that some will tell you “you have to have”. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with any of those things, my point is, I don’t need them nor do I desire them.
This past week has been such a good week for me and it was all due to the simple things. Well it really started the previous week when the Pastor’s Conference began and I got to go and sit and listen and learn and be fed by some really great men of God. But best of all, my wife, who many of you know deals with chronic back pain and fibromyalgia and was getting over the flu and bronchitis, got to attend some of the sessions with me. That may not seem like something to you, but for me it meant time together, away from the house and a time to worship together in the same pew. I also got to simply take my daughter Amber to the movies (something I rarely do because of the Hollywood agenda), and spend time with her and then have a nice dinner (at Cracker Barrel). Again it was simply a time of sitting down and “escaping” with a member of my family. The simple things mean so much.
Don’t let the simple things escape you or even slip away. I cherish the simple things. I get emotional when I think of my kids when they were little and they would save their money to buy me or their mom something from the school when it came time for Christmas. The little tool key chain, the tin cup that says “#1 Dad” or even just a handmade card they did on their own. Those simple things you can never take from me. The simple things of holding my wife’s hand, guarding her close by as we crossed the street, opening the doors for her. The simple things of my children laughing makes me laugh and smile (even thought they are grown now). The simple things of remember my mom who has been home with the Lord for 7 years (Wow, 7 years). The simple things of spending a week hunting with my dad and even when we don’t see many deer, it is the simple fact of just being there. The simple things of sitting and listening to a church member reminisce about his missionary work and what God did in that work. It is just the simple things!
Oh for the simple things, that is what I long for and that is what has been shown me more and more this past week. Just today I received a birthday gift that was absolutely perfect and made my day. A member of my church brought me a basket full of fruit and it made my heart lead for joy. It was the kind you find in stores covered in plastic, they took the time and bought fruit and placed it in a simple basket and gave it to me. Long after the good fruit is eaten, I will look at that basket and smile (might even cry), and remember the thoughtfulness of these members.
Let me encourage you today to not forget the simple things. Maybe you need to slow down today and look at the clouds in the sky. Remember when you would see objects in the clouds because you were just lying still and staring at them? Go outside and do it again. Don’t lose your simple things just because the world tells you the next big thing is coming soon or out there now. All you iPhone 6 people will be clamoring for the iPhone 7 soon and camp out for days to get it, and my question is why? Put your phone down, turn it off, at least every once in a while do something simple.
Here is the greatest simple thing of all, God Loves You, not because you have things, not because you do things, but simply because He created you for His pleasure. Simply put God loves you because you are you and He only has the best desires for you. Revelation 4:11 Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created
I love the simple things and I hope you will too.