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Second Mile

It is between that first and second mile that I am ready to quit, stopping and just heading back to the office and sitting down run through my head like crazy.  It hurts and I mean it hurts!  I have resumed my daily walking (taking Sundays off in honor of the Lord’s Day, unless I need to go clear my head), and my body is not always happy that I am out walking.  My right calf and shin scream at me (very loudly) around the .8 mile mark and then more I “ignore” it, the louder he screams.  As I sit here and type this not only is my right calf and shin letting me know how unhappy there are with today’s walk, the left heel has decided it wanted a part of this action of complaining to me.  Now the rest of me feels great, I am relaxed and focused and not tired and able to even multi-task on this Monday afternoon.

This is how it is Monday – Friday, getting into that second mile.  The first mile is really quite easy and I could be done with walking in about 18 minutes if I did only one mile each day.  At least I could say I went out and did some exercise, right?  Then no one could tell me I needed to be more active, because I would then come back and say “hey, I walk at least 1 mile a day”.  It’s that second mile where I learn the most about myself.  It is that second mile where I find the greatest victories.  I understand even more now why Jesus taught us this lesson in Matthew 5:41whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two

It is easy to “walk one mile” in someone else’s shoes, because all along the way we are counting the steps until we no longer have to walk in their shoes.  As a matter of fact we are going 5275, 5276, 5277, 5278, 5279, 5280…”I’M DONE”.  All along the way we never really learn what the other person was really going through or what it is they do in their ministry (that we normally complain about them doing).  We just want to put a check in the box that shows we “walked a mile in their shoes” and then we say stuff like “and it didn’t seem that difficult to me as they make it out to be”.  While at the same time forgetting all we were doing was counting the steps to 5280 so we could be done with this “task”.

It is that second mile where the growth happens and you start paying attention.  It is there you find out that there are some pains in their ministry and there are some difficulties they encounter that you never knew they did (because they never mentioned it and never complained about having to do it).  It is that second mile where you see the attacks of the enemy that they battle day in and day out, week in and week out.  It is that second mile where you see the real strength of that individual as they too push through the pain knowing others talk badly of them behind their back, yet they continue on when others would have walked away long ago.’

If all you have is a one mile ministry, then you don’t really have a ministry.  It was required for citizens to carry items for Roman soldiers one mile whenever they were told to.  After one mile they could put the items down and leave.  That was not a ministry that was a duty.  Jesus said don’t just do things out of duty, go beyond that.  Don’t stop at one mile…go two miles and in so doing you will have ministered to them in ways unimaginable.

Will you go that extra mile and learn, or will you count the steps until you hit 5280 and stop?  Complaining and moaning / groaning is easy, going that second mile and learning is not, but in so doing, you will grow like never before.  It is in that second mile……