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Thank you God

Sometimes I just forget to say THANK YOU to God

Sitting here on the weekend of all the snow on the east coast and actually a cold and blustery in Jacksonville Florida reminds me that I need to thank God more than I do.  Not because I am not stuck in snow or that I don’t have snow, because I actually like snow and miss it.  Growing up in Alabama equated to not seeing much of it growing up and now living in Florida means seeing it even less.

But today I have a roof over my head and under this roof, a heating system that comes on and keeps the house nice and comfortable for me and my wife.  I have food in my refrigerator and freezer and had to make a decision on what I wanted to take out and cook.  I have clothes to wear and socks and shoes to protect my feet should I need to venture outside.  I even have a car that I can drive in case someone calls me today and has a need from their pastor.  I have a beautiful and caring wife who loves me even with all my faults and I have two wonderful grown children and a future daughter-in-law and son-in-law, plus I will be a granddad in July.  I do say these things to brag, I just want to say out loud….THANK YOU GOD for everything

So, thank you God, because I really have none of these without you.  You have given them to me to use temporally while I am journeying on this road of life.  You are the provider of my house and everything in it, you are the grower of the foods I am able to partake of to have my strength, you are the one who provides wisdom to manufacturers so they can produce the clothes I need in order to stay protected from the elements.  You alone are the Great Provider.  Thank you God for looking out for me and forgiving me when I wander off the path and especially for not saying thank you enough.  My cup really is running over and I am drinking from my saucer.