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In my 13 years of pastoring I have learned a lot.  I believe one of the greatest things God has taught me involves being resolved.  There are many things I have not resolved yet, but one thing I have resolved is what I have to do as a shepherd of the church God has placed me in.

Let me explain.

  • I have resolved that the Lord is my Shepherd and because of that I know that God will supply all that I could possibly need according to His riches in heaven.
  • I have resolved to lead you to the Lord so you can make the choice to make Him your Shepherd too
  • I have resolved to have you lie down in good fertile green pastures
  • I have resolved to lead you to the good, clean, still waters
  • I am resolved to help you experience the restoration of your soul through the wonderful grace of Jesus
  • I have resolved to lead you on the paths of righteousness to help you in your sanctification process that Jesus has provided (for His name’s sake)
  • I have resolved to do my very best for you and your family when death has come into your world. To ease the pain because there is no fear with Jesus
  • I have resolved to anoint your heard with the oil the shepherds use to rid the sheep of pest that irritate them along the journey. I will always do my best to anoint you so the journey is pleasant for you


Even though I have resolved to do the things mentioned above, I have also resolved the following:

  • I have resolved that some do not want the Lord as their shepherd no matter what and there are times I must shake the dust off my feet and move on
  • I have resolved that even though being lead to green pastures, some refuse to lie down in the good green fields and opt for the dirty mud holes
  • I have resolved that even good, clean, still waters will not cause some to drink refreshing water, they will choice to drink nasty, parasite infested water out of sheer stubbornness
  • I have resolved that some sheep care little to nothing about restoration of the soul, caring more about confrontation and agitation with other sheep
  • I have resolved that some sheep will go off the paths being lead down
  • I have resolved that even though the anointing oil is for the good of the sheep to rid them of rests that bite them and irritate them, some will run and rub it off as quickly as it is applied.


With the good and the aggravations that come with being a shepherd and serving God as the pastor of his church, I can truly say:

My cup runs over, goodness and mercy are following me every day of my life; and one day soon I will dwell in the house of the LORD, Forever.  I wouldn’t trade being your pastor for anything in this world.  It brings me great joy to shepherd you all.


In His Love,

Pastor Greg