It’s Personal, Pastor

What if you got everything you always wanted? Would you be satisfied and content? The answer to that question is NO you would not, because you would then have to deal with the issue of opposition from others who did not receive everything they wanted. Personal preferences are just that, personal to the individual that desires them. Therefore, you will never find your “perfect” church.

For many years, I was “away” from church because of how I was treated after my parents were divorced in 1981. For some reason “Christians” have made divorce the “unpardonable sin”, and I was ostracized by the church family I grew up with for the first sixteen years of my life. But that is for another post later. I tell you that to say it was then that I stayed away from church, because churches did not meet my preferences. I made a “mental” list of what a church must look like for me to return. It was an unachievable list, but one that I justified within myself. People still make these lists today causing them to stay away from church but justifying their actions.

So, what are your personal preferences that hinder you from being where God wants you? Musical style, preaching style, Bible translation used, small groups meeting away from the church instead of in a Sunday school environment, how people “dress” for worship, activities for your children, ministries offered by the church. You can continue your list as you would like, because this is not all inclusive, nor is it based on things at this church…these are just from over sixteen years of observance as a pastor in a small church. Have we forgotten the cost of following Jesus, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me” (Lk 9:23)?

Notice my question above has asked you what it is that hinders you from being where God wants you. A hindering heart is a non-serving heart and a heart that God will not use for kingdom work. There is a great need in the church today to put away all personal preferences and focus on the Great Commandment as we fulfill the Great Commission

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